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 Join Mark on a Short Tour of Australia

Coming Very Soon!   

Mark will be inviting everyone to join him on a trip to his birthplace in the "Land-down-under", Australia.  

Born in Melbourne, Australia with grandparents initially from Manchester, England, a young Mark Bishop always knew he was destined to make a difference. His chosen career as a Radio and T.V. broadcaster/host presenter was a natural career choice with his born ability to get the very best out of guests’ interviews. 

My media experience was gleaned from Radio and Television stations throughout Australia over many years. Australia is a beautiful and exciting country and I am very fortunate to have lived most of it throughout my media and business career. You had to earn your stripes in country & provincial stations before the big league would even look at you

I started out as a young announcer after years of night school with the Lee Murray Academy in my hometown Melbourne. Daytime was fulltime work for my mom and me but I was focused to make it. Well, it sure didn’t pay much, but when you love what you do, you always find a way to more than survive. After working my way through the country then provincial to major city stations with experience in all formats of music and talk, I ventured into television and again utilizing my diverse talents hosted current affairs, variety, sport and anything they threw my way including major news anchoring and reporting. It was a heck of a ride! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

They often ask, ‘Is there any life after media’?

A burn out at a middle age changed direction for my career. I was introduced to the first vacation ownership developer at the Melbourne boat show who after a few years was going broke trying to market this new holiday concept to the Aussies. A long story short we went on to sell out his first resort and a few others. After his tragic death in a helicopter accident, my wife & partner Nancy and I formed our consulting company for the new ‘timeshare on steroids’ called Fractional Real Estate. Quarter shares down to 1/8th costing anything from $3 million to a few hundred thousand situated in beautiful homes in key locations around the globe. Our projects took us to Mexico, Vanuatu, New Zealand, and Australia.

I love to travel while earning a buck but there will always be my passion for the media, one way or the other.


Enjoy my guests & stories and contact me if you have someone in mind you feel has a great story and I should interview.

Mark Bishop

The Aussie with a Passion